SiraseI Disaster Prevention
(IP notification system)

Feature list

* Each device type has different features. Some features are optional. For details, please feel free to contact us.

Feature Description Dedicated terminal Smartphone app
J-Alert linkage Auto-distribution of emergency information from J-alert* option
Emergency broadcast Real-time notification of highly urgent disaster prevention information such as fire and earthquake via text and voice all at once
Real-time broadcast Real-time broadcasting audio through a microphone connected to a computer
Link with disaster prevention administrative radio The link with the broadcast system of disaster prevention administrative radio allows you to hear the disaster prevention broadcast when you are out.* option
Push delivery of text Push delivery of combined text and image information
Push delivery of audio Push delivery of voice via microphone or combined audio and image data
Video sharing Sharing vibes of events held in the community using a video version content for your PR paper
IP phone (feature for dedicated terminals) IP phone service for free calls. One of the uses of the video call function using a built-in camera is for health consultations.* A server installation is necessary on-site.
Group distribution Sending specific information to only targeted groups of people according to their addresses or other classification
Questionnaire Easy creation of a questionnaire for various purposes, including checking attendance or absence for an event and safety check in a disaster time.
Repeated broadcast You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly recurring broadcasts in the scheduled distribution function.
Remote control (feature for dedicated terminals) Remote OS update, reboot, and application upgrade are available, which releases operation administrators from work at the location of dedicated devices.


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