SiraseI Disaster Prevention
(IP notification system)


Track record

About 30,000 units of SiraseI Disaster Prevention are in operation in local communities throughout Japan as of December 2021.
Many local governments have newly introduced or chosen SiraseI as a replacement for their existing IP notification system.

Number of local government customers
Number of units introduced in households

Introduced by

*As of August 1, 2022

Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 4,000 households

Kimobetsu Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 600 households

Simamaki Village, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 700 households

Shakotan Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 1,100 households

Tsukigata Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 1,500 households

Tsurui Village, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 1,100 households

Horokanai Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 870 households

Mukawa Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

About 600 households

Awashimaura Village, Niigata Prefecture

About 180 households

Kyoto City Hall

About 100 units

Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture

About 2,700 households

Misato Town, Shimane Prefecture

About 2,100 households

Otsuki Town, Kochi Prefecture

About 900 households

Nishimera Village, Miyazaki Prefecture

About 600 households

Video: Introduction example

Introduction example in Hokkaido

To the left is a video interview with local governments and users who use SiraseI Disaster Prevention (IP notification.)


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