SiraseI Disaster Prevention

The SiraseI Disaster Prevention, our IP notification system, serves as a foundation for local governments to share information about disasters or their communities.

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What is the IP notification system?

The IP notification system distributes disaster information to connected devices. The new platform for disaster information delivery has been attracting attention recently because it enables information distribution to each household indoors, which disaster prevention administrative radio is difficult to reach. It also can be utilized for local information distribution in peacetime.

The background behind how IP notification systems draw attention

The IP notification system provides value to local governments in various areas such as disaster prevention, public relations, welfare, and regional vitalization, taking advantage of the interactivity of the Internet.


On top of information distribution in times of disaster, the SirasaI Disaster Prevention system can be utilized as a local information distribution platform in peacetime.
Furthermore, its information screen and applications are customizable for each municipality, which allows them to offer optimized information delivery for the community.
Three types of devices are available as IP notification terminals.

Use examples

You can share any information you like via the system.

  • Scene #1

    Notices from the town hall

  • Scene #2

    Bus timetable

  • Scene #3

    Traffic info such as road works

  • Scene #4

    Local weather forecast

  • Scene #5

    Local event info

  • Scene #6

    Fixed-point camera

  • Scene #7

    Telephone directory of public facilities

  • Scene #8

    Medical institution info

  • Scene #9

    Crime prevention info

Free calls over IP phones

IP phone and video calls are free of charge between people having SiraseI.


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