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Local5GKYOCERA Mirai Envision has the capabilities ranging from requirments analysis, designs, construction, and maintenance to operations.

In contrast to the uniform 5G communication services throughout the country provided by carriers, local 5G enables local and corporate entities to build, operate and use their own private 5G networks in specific areas such as inside the buildings and premises.
In order to use local 5G, you need to obtain a radio station license issued by the government authority.

Local 5G Initiatives

KYOCERA Mirai Envision provides a full package of services from RAN to CORE and aims to contribute to the creation of a city where people can continue to live without disparity by operating local 5G as an operator.


Flow of Local 5G Construction

local5G flow

Use Cases of Local 5G

Local 5G is used in various scenes by taking advantage of the features of 5G such as "high speed and large capacity", "high reliability and low latency", and "multiple simultaneous connections".

local5G use case

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