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Local 5G Deployment SupportLocal 5G technology,
as a way of contributing to "sustainable cities and communities"

We have been involved in building wireless networks from the first generation analog mobile networks to LTE networks, and we are always wondering if we can solve social problems with our technology and experience. An answer for that is local 5G.
Despite the potential of local 5G, when considering the introduction of the technology, customers have many questions and issues on how to proceed with interference surveys, system design, and license applications.
Our experience and technical capabilities will help you solve these questions and issues.


Radio wave measurement

Radio wave measurement

Have you ever felt that the signal is weak when you use a smartphone or WiFi? Many devices around us use radio waves to communicate, and measuring and analyzing such radio waves can find out places where radio waves are weak For local 5G, it is also necessary to make measurements to make sure comfortable network experience in the place where you hope to use local 5G.
KYOCERA Mirai Envision's experienced engineers will conduct the measurements using the latest tools for 5G. We will also analyze the measurement data and optimize various network parameters to create a comfortable environment for use.

Interference investigation

Interference study

The NSA, which is the mainstream deployment mode for local 5G, is typically used with LTE as an anchor. The main band for LTE is 2.5 GHz, which is used for BWA. Before using this band, an investigation is necessary to avoid interference with existing networks, in addition to existing carriers. Not only using the band as an anchor requires interference investigation, but also for the local 5G band, interference study is necessary.
KYOCERA Mirai Envision will support you with interference studies and negotiations with existing network operators based on our experience and technology.

Area design

Area design

For local 5G, the 4.5 GHz frequency band and the 28 GHz frequency band are allocated. The spreading of radio waves at those higher frequencies has similar characteristics to that of light, making it more difficult to design service areas that radio waves can reach. In particular, the frequency of 28 GHz is incomparably higher than that used in mobile communications such as cellular systems to date.
KYOCERA Mirai Envision provides local 5G area design best fit for you, leveraging its experience in area simulation, antenna placement, and design for everything from outdoor towers to indoor areas such as buildings and underground malls, from the time of the first generation cellular system to today's mainstream LTE.

License application

License application

Unlike WiFi, which can be used by anyone, local 5G requires an application for a license, registration, and notification after meeting the requirements stipulated in the Radio Act and the Telecommunications Business Act. To apply for a license, not only you need to prepare a variety of documents such as an application form, antenna specifications, and a radio equipment system diagram, but you also need to secure radio engineers to operate the radio equipment and make a maintenance and operation plan.
At KYOCERA Mirai Envision, many engineers are licensed radio operators with experience in actual operations and can provide comprehensive support from planning your operation and maintenance system to applying for a license.

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