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Local 5G O-RAN SolutionMake local 5G more accessible and easier to deploy!

This solution has various advantages such as multi-vendor support. KYOCERA Mirai Envision is a distributor in Japan of JMA Wireless, the solution provider.
We will provide local 5G networks by leveraging our experience and technology in the wireless networking field from 1st generation analog cellular to LTE networks.

Local 5G Indoor Millimeter-Wave MEC Solution

JMA Wireless is a radio vendor based in Italy that provides 100% software-based radio equipment using general-purpose servers.
The company also has advanced technologies in the development of 5G millimeter-wave base stations.
KYOCERA Mirai Envision focuses on selling its products as a Japanese distributor.


Local 5G Virtual O-RAN Solution

We provide a local 5G environment with a 100% virtualized solution using a general-purpose server for radio base station equipment and core network equipment.


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