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About GPON

GPON is the ITU-T G.984 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks standard, with transmission speeds of 2.488 Gbps of downstream bandwidth, and 1.244 Gbps of upstream bandwidth. The downstream bandwidth speed is double the GE-PON, maximum of 60 kilometers of non-repeating transmission distance if without branching, and maximum number of branching points are 128. GPON uses "single fiber/triple wave" as an economical system with high universality and low transmission construction/maintenance costs.
In addition to providing passive optical LAN (POL) solutions with tested and verified GPON fiber technology as fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions for cable TV operators and local governments, we are also developing optical fiber LAN solutions for large facilities like commercial buildings, resort hotels, and universities. We provide simple, high-speed network platforms by using only optical fiber instead of metal for networks inside facilities.
 POL = Passive Optical LAN
 GPON = Gigabit Passive Optical Network


Using optical fibers instead of metal cable
simplifies the network configuration
and can handle transmission of high-volume IP camera images in high-definition 4K or 8K without any problem.



Actively brings efficiency to work in many different industries.


OLT specification: 7360 ISAM FX Series Chassis

ONT specification: G-240W-B GPON Wi-Fi ONU

Case1Case 1: providing a high-speed network platform for a complex facility

Service industry
Number of cases
1 property
Area scope
IP phones, Wi-Fi, Internet, LAN, surveillance cameras, digital signage, karaoke, payment systems


Facilities located inside a larger complex, like a resort hotel. Placing optical fiber between the facilities and centralizing all the services with optical line termination (OLT) realizes a high-speed network platform with integrated services, e.g. for wireless door locks, IP phones, floor Wi-Fi, or sending of 4K/8K video data.

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