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AWS Implementation/Operational Support


About AWS Implementation/Operational Support

AWS provides not just virtual networks and machines but also its own independent management services. This requires specialized knowledge of AWS for its implementation and operation. Using AWS has the following advantages.
• Top class share for IaaS/PaaS.
• Conversion of fixed depreciation costs into variable costs.
• No need for capacity prediction.
Through use of our AWS Implementation/Operational Support service, we minimize the burden on your company of introducing and running AWS.


Total support from the application layer to the infrastructure layer

In addition to the implementation and operation of AWS, we also offer a wide range of other services, including application development, monitoring, and troubleshooting.



The scope of AWS Implementation/Operational Support

Support from the application layer to the infrastructure layer

Configuration example 01 / Implementation/Operational Support

Online + database server configuration

Configuration example 02 / Implementation/Operational Support

Migration/linking from on-premises data center

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