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Alcatel OmniSwitch Series

Alcatel OmniSwitch Series

About Alcatel OmniSwitch Series

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's OmniSwitch Series of network solutions has a lineup extending from gigabit layer-2 edge switches that directly connect to terminals, to 10 gigabit layer-3 chassis-type core switches to form the core of data centers or enterprise networks. OmniAccess WLAN has a lineup of various types of access points installable inside or outside and controllers for centralized control of them, realizing IP networking integrating wires and wireless components.
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) offers network security solutions with excellent cost performance and a track record of use in global communications carriers and companies, government offices, medical institutions, educational institutions, transportation systems, hotels, and network infrastructure for corporations. Their lineup of high durability products is particularly strong, for stable operation even under harsh environments.



Useful in a wide range of environments.

Expanding the ethernet to every type of environment.


Case1Case 1: serving as a regional disaster preparedness monitoring site

Road construction business
Pieces of equipment
6855-U10 x 300
Scope of benefits
Linking with surveillance cameras


Roads must be maintained and monitoring conducted for disaster or accident prevention, and information provided as required. In addition, support must immediately be given for countermeasures when disasters or accidents occur. Implementing this solution realizes regional disaster preparedness monitoring sites linking surveillance cameras and environmental switches to rapidly provide information and give support in case of disasters or accidents.

Case2Case 2: developing IT equipment for educational institutions

School education
Pieces of equipment
6855-U10 x several hundred
Scope of benefits
Constructing high-durability network equipment


In recent years, IoT services are becoming more widespread in society due to number of electronics consumer and smart meters controllable via internet has been increased. Their impact on socioeconomic activities can only become greater in the future. With the spread of IoT services, we can provide IT equipment (including supporting network equipment and terminals) as required, to meet the IT equipment requirements of the prefecture and verify their effectiveness (e.g. network safety and reliability).

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