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IoT Water Level Sensor Solution


What is the IoT Water Level Sensor Solution?

In recent years, heavy rains and successive typhoons have caused frequent floods. Many rivers, however, are still unimproved due to cost issues. There are also other costly and man-hour consuming tasks like regular maintenance of water facilities such as reservoirs.The solution combining LPWA IoT water level sensors and a water level monitoring application provides low-cost observation and monitoring abilities from anywhere, anytime, which helps manage and monitor unimproved rivers, underpasses, reservoirs from the perspective of disaster prevention.



Low-cost disaster prevention and facility management through water level observation

You can remotely monitor water levels anytime, anywhere using LPWA (Sigfox) compatible water level meters and a monitoring application.




Case1Example: Providing high-speed network infrastructure to complex facilities

Municipalities in Saitama Prefecture
Installed to:
11 monitoring points in rivers

Introductory Effect

During heavy rains, it had been difficult for local government officials to check many places having a risk of flooding in a short time. The remote monitoring system now allows them to grasp the situation from their office and take early action. IoT technology can ensure the safety of residents and their sense of security, as awareness of disaster prevention has increased in recent years.

There are flexible options to change the interval of water level measurements, turn on/off the alarm feature, install a solar unit or not, and others.

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