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May 28,2019

KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd.

KCME to Launch New Features for IoT Platform "Miotinc" Targeting Sensor Data Communication via LPWA

Platform for simple management

IoT platform "miotinc" provided by KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Hyngbae Kim; hereinafter called "KCME") has the abilities to collect and visualize data from Sigfox, NB-IoT, and Cat.M1 communication devices in service using LPWA, a communication technology which is now attracting attention. The platform is a global service supporting multiple languages and visualizing not only movement trajectories in Japan but also cross-border trajectories in a map by linking with GPS sensors.


Existing features

1. Graph display (line graph, bar graph, doughnut graph, and tachometer)

2. Map display

3. Multi-language support (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese)

4. Device security

5. User management

6. Device management

7. Payload management

8. Message notification

9. Callback feature

10. Billing calculation

New features

1. Geo-fence feature:

When miotinc receives the location data of a device, this feature determines and notifies whether the user entered or got out of a user-specified area.


2. API connection:

This feature provides APIs for linking to billing information, device information, and acquired data. This makes it easy to connect customer-developped applications to the platform.


■KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd. (KCME)

KCCS Mobile Engineering commenced operations in 2011 intending to become a "global company that contributes to the development of communities where people can continue to thrive without disparities," centering around optimal solutions that integrate mobile and ICT. It is developing a wide range of businesses, not only in the fields of Mobile Internet, AI, IoT, Big Data, and virtual cloud, which are the foundations of the information revolution, but also in their subdivided fields such as 5G, SDN, NFV, GPON, and related engineering. The company is also actively expanding its business not only in Japan but also overseas, especially in the rapidly developing Southeast Asian region, where it has established offices to promote its business globally. KCME is a member of KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS) and the Sigfox Partner Program.
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