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Regarding activities

Safety & Quality Activities

KYOCERA Mirai Envision Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter “our company”) has departments in place for thorough management of on-site safety and quality.
Because of this environment, we are able to handle a range of diverse modern technologies to provide high quality to our customers in every facet of the business.

Safety Patrol

As part of our safety and quality activities to ensure on-site safety, safety patrols are carried out periodically and non-periodically (surprise patrols) by a company-certified individual. He or she will patrol on-site areas during work hours to check for unsafe conditions or actions, pointing out and correcting issues on the spot if needed, so that accidents can be eliminated.

Division Auditing

On-site management, construction management methods, and the order status of affiliate companies are checked periodically, with auditing based on the rules of corporate governance to make sure there are no breach of compliance issues, etc.

Construction Review

Before construction work begins, process suitability is confirmed and potential dangers are eliminated, with risk assessment carried out for dangerous processes in particular. Measures are then carried out to minimize the chance of accident or disaster.

Safety Competition

Related companies will periodically participate in safety competitions, sometimes with all regions competing with each other, and other times regionally-divided competitions will be held.
For safety management of construction tasks that will be increasing in the near future, opinions are exchanged, and accident cases are used to stimulate discussion, ultimately increasing safety awareness.

The three strengths of
KYOCERA Mirai Envision

(1) Safety and quality management are supported for all operations sites at the Safety & Quality Center

* An independent Safety & Quality Center is in place to act as a specialized management organization for safety and quality.Our company has an independent Safety & Quality Center in place to act as a specialized management organization for safety and quality. The center’s headquarters is based at the Tokyo Main Office, with Safety Promotion Groups established at each base throughout Japan carrying out on-site safety patrols. Additional guidance and support are also provided as needed to ensure safety and quality. Moreover, safety education and training are actively provided to employees and members of staff to increase their awareness of safety and quality.

(2) Stoppage in service due to network failure is prevented before it can happen thanks to 24-hour monitoring every day of the year

* Our Network Monitoring Center takes on operation tasks, including secondary line tasks, to carry out response, ordering, and management.Monitoring tasks are carried out 24-hours every day of the year using the latest devices to prevent stoppage in service due to network failure. This is carried out for the operation statuses of systems constructed within communication infrastructure, including each type of data communication such as network audio and video, cross connection status between networks, etc. In the rare instance of network failure, the center will take on operation tasks, including secondary line tasks, to respond, order, and manage as needed to quickly grasp the situation, and immediately restore the network.

(3) When it comes to construction management and center operation, Our company has got you covered!

* We promise to reliably carry out construction management and center operation tasksOur company takes on system tasks, network construction tasks, and operation BPO (business process outsourcing) for telecom carriers and other customers. For example, our Construction Center can manage communication base station installation, while our Operation Center can deal with field maintenance, line arrangement, and network center operations.

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