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President Hyungbae Kim

KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd. (KCME) started business in 2011, striving to become a “global company contributing to information communication networks through optimal solutions, with a combination of mobile and ICT at the core.”

With the remarkable development of communication technologies in recent years, our level of freedom in connectivity has risen to new heights. All types of objects and people can now connect to a network, marking the arrival of an information revolution, where we can automatically build high-quality relationships.

KCME is developing a wide range of businesses, including the information revolution’s foundational fields of Mobile Internet, AI, IoT, Big Data, virtual cloud field, and subdivisions of those fields such as 5G, SDN, NFV, GPON, and related engineering.

Also, as the globalization of information networks continues to accelerate into the future, we will soon see an advancement of wide-scale technological innovations involving the entire world. At KCME, we will actively advance our business activities and expand bases, not only within Japan, but to overseas regions as well, with a particular focus on Southeast Asian regions that are developing remarkably fast.

KCME will continue to move forward with business activities behind our business creed of “revere heaven, love mankind.” While holding a feeling of love for all people related to KCME, we will constantly study our fields of specialization and assimilate cutting-edge technologies, to continue providing optimal solutions with even more precision and speed, contributing to the progress of humanity and society.

* “Revere heaven, love mankind”: Always be fair and transparent, work with a spirit of humility, revering heaven, with a love for mankind, work, society, and country.

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