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General Provisions

Information posted on the KYOCERA Mirai Envision website (hereinafter “this website”) is provided free of charge, with the exception of some services.
When using this website to view or acquire information, we ask that you, as the user, take full responsibility for the following items: whether or not the information accommodates user demand, whether or not the method of use by other users includes the required legal rights when saving or duplicating information, whether or not legal obligations regarding copyrights, nondisclosure, defamation, maintaining of dignity, export laws, etc. are being properly conformed to.
In the rare case that you experience any trouble, loss, damages, etc. when using this website, our company will not be held responsible under any circumstances.

Regarding external content

Our company cannot guarantee the legality, accuracy, morality, currency, suitability, copyright consent, etc. of any websites, software, apps, tools, etc. introduced in this website from external sources.
If links, banners, etc. on this website move you to another website, our company will not be held responsible under any circumstances for the information, services, etc. offered at the destination website.

Regarding advertisements

Third party distributors including Google use cookies to distribute advertisement content on this website, based on information showing past access to this website.
These third party distributors may use access information from this website or other websites with the objective of displaying ad content for products and services based on user interest. (However, name, address, email address, and phone number information are not included.)
For details regarding this process and measures to prevent the use of such information by third party distributors, refer to our “Privacy Policy.”

Regarding access analysis

This website acquires the following user information to perform access analysis: time of visit, host name for customer access location, OS and browser version, link location URL, monitor information, and other computer-related specifications. This information is only used to monitor how users are finding our website when using a search site. It will not be disclosed to a third party.


When information from this website is used for plug installation, programming, and other types of editing, please be sure to back up the data.

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