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Optical Fiber LAN (POL)Our optical fiber LAN solution enables large capacity and long-distance transmission at a low cost

We construct networks with OLT/ONU/optical fibers based on PON technology. This technique provides high capacity and long-distance transmission to the end point at a low cost. In addition, unified operation can lower operation costs.




Network base for a certain resort’s facilities


Main hotel facilities and various facilities built on a large plot of land (for glamping, villas, pools, sports, illumination, etc.) These facilities required a variety of different services, such as Wi-Fi, IP phones, security cameras, karaoke access, a business network, etc. In particular, a request to implement multiple high-resolution security cameras led to an increase in communication traffic, and the issue was how to construct a network providing high capacity and covering a wide range of environments. The issue was solved immediately by implementing our optical fiber LAN solution.


Wi-Fi service base for a certain stadium


Stadium Wi-Fi provides an independent Wi-Fi service for use in baseball fields, event venues, etc. Since a large number of spectators will connect to the stadium’s Wi-Fi network at the same time, the network bandwidth is insufficient, and installing multiple access points can cause wave interference. This will ultimately slow down communication speed. By utilizing years of wireless technology experience, KYOCERA Mirai Envision’s optical fiber LAN solution provided a network environment where a large number of spectators can comfortably connect and access Wi-Fi at the same time.


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